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Suicide Prevention Pins To Support National Survivors Of Suicide Day

It is estimated that 30,000 people commit suicide annually, effecting up to seven million lives. In order to raise awareness many are wearing yellow awareness pins in the days leading up to, and around National Survivors of Suicide Day. The use of these suicide prevention pins helps to create awareness for the cause, in hopes of dramatically dwindling the annual numbers of those lives lost by their own hands.

National Survivors of Suicide Day always falls on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, making it November 19th this year. Suicide numbers tend to increase as the holiday seasons approach. Many become extra lonely and depressed, urging on their suicidal tendencies. This is the ideal time to reach out.

It is estimated that every 40 seconds someone in the world dies by suicide, which leaves all of their friends and family to try to make sense of it and understand what went wrong. Many will blame themselves, many will blame others, regardless of the blame they’re all left saddened and confused.

With the increase in bullying problems and the economic troubles of the world, both teens and adults alike are left with thoughts of ending their life. All it takes is one person to reach out and save them. Just one person to show some care and concern.

yellow ribbonWearing yellow suicide awareness pins can convey to others that suicide is a large problem and one that needs to be addressed. Wear your yellow pin everywhere, every day, and explain to those who ask, and those who don’t know what it represents. The more people who are aware of the problem, the more people who can reach out to those in need.

This is the 13th year of the National Survivors of Suicide Day, and each year more and more people is getting involved. The more that become involved the more of an impact they can make on those who need our help.

The National Survivors of Suicide Day isn’t just to remember those who have died or to prevent future suicides, but it is also to help friends and family members of victims to mourn, cope, and be able to move on with their lives. Though no one ever forgets their loved one, they do need to return to some sense of normalcy after the suicide of a loved one.

Everyone has been touched by suicide, even if not directly. Whether is a friend or family member to has taken their own life or to even just reading about a suicide in the paper. We can all agree that suicide is preventable and we can all make a difference. Reach for your yellow awareness pin and spread the word about National Survivors of Suicide day, you will help save a life and improve one already touched by suicide. is a manufacturer of Custom Lapel Pins and Awareness Ribbon Pins of the highest quality and offers free professional artwork with your order. For more information please call (888) 720-2115.

Saturday, November 12th, 2011