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7 Caregiver Lapel Pins Ideas

Caregivers (Nursing Assistants) are much more than just people doing tasks we can’t or aren’t capable of: They actually care for those we love and care about.

You can see them in our houses, hospitals and other facilities, moving around those who need care and attention. And we don’t want them to feel under-appreciated, right? Because a resentful caregiver will do his/her job ….. probably in a “not so giving” way.

So we must take care of them, show them our appreciation for them and the jobs they perform every day.

An inexpensive but thoughtful way to show our appreciation is by giving them one of those little  lapel pins that say…..

(7 Caregiver Lapel Pins)

  1. #1 Care Giver Pin
  2. Caregiver Volunteer Pin
  3. Ribbon of Hope Angel Lapel Pin (Plum is the chosen color to honor our caregivers)
  4. Angel Lapel Pins (because they are the angels that take care of those we love)
  5. “Agent Orange” Caregiver lapel pins
  6. Nursing Assistants Pins
  7. Heart /Angels Pins

Do you have any other ideas for caregiver pins?

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Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Canadian Cancer Society – Daffodil Lapel Pins To Raise Awareness

April is Daffodil Month!

For this year annual spring fundraising campaign, the Canadian Cancer Society is replacing daffodil live flowers with yellow daffodil lapel pins.

The decision was made with the idea that lapel pins can be worn on clothing all day and create more awareness. While a bouquet of live flowers is beautiful, a person can’t walk around with it all day. On the contrary, lapel pins can be worn by anyone on t-shirts, jackets, suits, etc.

“Funds raised through the sale of daffodils enable the cancer society to fund excellence in research on all types of cancer and advocate for healthy public policy, promote healthy lifestyles to help prevent and
reduce cancer risk, provide information about cancer and support people living with cancer.” – Chatam Daily News -

“The daffodil pin is to be worn as a symbol of courage and support in honour of cancer survivors, loved ones and friends currently on a cancer journey. When you wear a daffodil pin throughout the month of April, you are uniting behind everyone living with cancer in Oxford.” – Ingersolltimes -

For more information go to Canadian Cancer Society.

Custom lapel pins can be a very good ally for any cause. They can be sold to raise money and since they’re easy to wear everybody will be displaying them showing their support and spreading the word. If you’re planning to drive a fundraising campaign, you may want to consider lapel pins as part of your crusade.

For stock lapel pins, please visit our online store where we carry awareness pins in a variety of colors and you can have them delivery immediately.

And if you’re looking for something more personalized we can also help in your project. With custom made pins you can choose your own unique design and a special message can be included.. Please visit Lapel Pins or call (888) 720-2115.


Friday, March 18th, 2011

Ribbon Lapel Pins To Raise Awareness About Childhood Cancer

According to Childcan, a organization in the Southwestern Ontario area that helps children and their families cope with the diagnosis of cancer; 10,000 Canadian children are living with cancer today and about 1,500 are diagnosed each year.

Childhood cancer survivor Stephanie Simmons of London, Ont., has launched a national campaign to raise awareness of childhood cancer in Canada.

As part of the campaign, gold ribbon lapel pins and vehicle magnets are going to be sold and all the profits will be used on research with the ultimate goal of finding a cure for this mortal disease.

“What drives research and what drives ultimately finding a cure, it’s awareness and, I hate to say it, money,” he said.
“The more people know about these lesser known cancers, the better chance these kids have of having a fighting chance.” - The Sun Times -

Anyone, who is affected by any form of cancer, comprehends the importance of raising awareness and funds to find a cure. Fundraising is comprised of a variation of components, such as an event, lapel pins and a contagious viral marketing campaign.  At the end, awareness ribbon pins are symbols, emblemizing donor’s contribution to the critical cause: a final cure for cancer!

If you are part of a charity that you think could be helped by the addition of cancer awareness ribbon pins that are able to carry your message, please contact us today and learn more about our custom made lapel pins. Once you make the call we will help you to decide which option is right for you and your charity’s message. Call us toll free (888) 720-2115.

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Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Custom Lapel Pins: Where to Start?

Would you like to include a lapel pin in your recognition program?  or maybe, are you planning to use lapel pins for your fund raising efforts? In any of these cases you face the decision of buying stock lapel pins or having your pins custom made with your logo and message.

Frequently, it is cheaper to purchase stock lapel pins, however, if you want to enhance the image of your company or organization there is nothing better than a custom made lapel pin. With a custom made lapel pin you can have your logo or message displayed proudly.

Let’s say you decided to get your company’s lapel pins custom made. Here you have some specifics that you need to get before contacting your sales rep.

What are the lapel pins going to be used for?

This will help you sales rep to recommend the style, size and finish that will suit your needs.

How many pins you are thinking of purchase?

As the price breaks depend on the quantities, maybe you will only need to buy a few more and save the big bucks.

Do you have artwork ready?

Maybe all you have is a drawing, or an scheme, or just the logo and will need some help creating the art, or perhaps your company has its media kit with all the specifications for its logo.

In any of these situations, it is important you communicate them to the sales rep so he/she can have the artist work on your project in the most competent way.

When is the latest day you need to have your lapel pins in hands?

As in any other fabrication process, there is a particular time frame in between submitting the order and delivering it to your location, so, it is imperative to communicate it in advance.

How are you going to pay for them?

Credit card, check, purchase orders, it is recommendable that you verify in advance on the type of payment accepted.

For advice on creating your custom made lapel pin, contact or call at 888.720.2115

Thursday, July 15th, 2010