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68 Most Popular School Award Pins

In the world of lapel pins, the award pins category is one of the most popular ones. And within the award pins, the school-related pins are one of the top ones, as people -thank you for that- always remember to show appreciation and encourage not only the students but also the teachers, volunteers, pta members and other members of staff that together make education possible for our children.

So here it is the list of…

Top 68 School Award Pins

Student Recognition

  1. Outstanding Student
  2. Student of the Month
  3. Super Student
  4. Star Student
  5. Student of the Week
  6. Super Work
  7. Star Student
  8. Honor Roll Honor Student
  9. Creative Thinking Award
  10. Academic Acheievemte
  11. Middle School Honor Student
  12. Top Performer

Student Subjects

  1. Books are Brain Food
  2. Reading is fun
  3. Read at home Award
  4. Reading Award
  5. Writing Award
  6. Drama
  7. Art
  8. Band
  9. Chorus
  10. Music
  11. Super Reader
  12. Reading is Magic
  13. Super Speller
  14. Science is Magic
  15. Computer Whiz
  16. Math is the future
  17. ABC Spelling
  18. Math Award
  19. Geography Award
  20. I love reading
  21. I love math
  22. I can read!
  23. Creative Writing

Teacher, Staff & Volunteer

  1. Staff Recognition Award
  2. Volunteer Award
  3. Excellence in Teaching
  4. PTA has heart
  5. Very Important parent
  6. I care I volunteer
  7. To a Special Volunteer
  8. Volunteers Provide Rainbows
  9. Premio al Voluntario
  10. PTA Volunteer Award
  11. Best Teacher
  12. Kindergarten Teacher
  13. Great Teacher
  14. Substitute Teacher – Please be kind
  15. Teachers are angels with invisible wings
  16. Preschool teacher
  17. Music Teacher
  18. I love my teacher
  19. Appreciated Teacher
  20. Teachers: The Core of Education
  21. Teacher Angel
  22. Teacher’s Aide: Makign a difference in education
  23. World’s Greatest Teacher
  24. World’s Best Teacher

 Various Subjects

  1. Perfect Attendance
  2. Principal’s Award Pins
  3. Class Officer
  4. School Safety Patrol
  5. Effort Award
  6. Student Body Government
  7. Student Council
  8. Class of 2012
  9. Leadership

There you go… the dream list of the Top 68 School Award Pins.


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Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Award Pins and Their Many Uses

Award pins have always been a traditional gesture of appreciation or reward since time immemorial. It is popularly used in a variety of events and in different industries, from school to private and government offices. Receiving one is a symbol of achievement and anyone wearing it will have a sense of pride. Better than a gold earring or necklace, an award pin on your shirt is a much better way to impress. With a company logo or symbol etched on the pin, anyone would surely love to flaunt it around with confidence.

What better way to reward and acknowledge exemplary performance than with award pins. Whether it is a pin to denote outstanding results, a pin to display your years of service to a company or profession, or a pin to recognize your academic achievements, you will find that award pins have a plethora of uses. There are several ways to use them, below we have listed some examples.

Hospitality industries: Are you operating a restaurant or a hotel? One of the best ways to motivate your staff is to provide recognition pins for the “Best Employee of the Month“. It could also be credit for “Outstanding Customer Service” for the staff that gets a lot of “kudos” from guests or customers. Or perhaps “Years of Service Pins” like a loyalty reward. This can also be applicable for private and government offices where it’s common to find employees that spend their entire career working at the same company.

Schools: School award pins are very much being used in many schools today in spite of the entire hubbub in technological advancements. Rarely will you see students being awarded with an iPhone or an iPad for academic excellence, or for winning a quiz bee contest. Whether students are recognized for good grades or other extra-curricular performance, a reward pin is the best way to keep students motivated.

Sports: Whether it is martial arts, basketball or football, any athlete will get excited to receive sports award pins for excellence in their field. Martial arts practitioners for instance can receive them for every time they move to the next level, or how about a “Most Valuable Player” (MVP) pin for a basketball player? FREE Quote Request

Aside from the fact that these pins are a great way to boost self-esteem, they are also likely to become a lifetime treasure and a constant memento of your life’s accomplishments. Each award pin can represent a chapter or episode in your life where you can create a good tale to tell your grandchildren someday or whenever you feel like going down to memory lane. It is amazing how a small token such as this can create a huge impact in anyone’s life. Whether it is made from plated gold, silver, nickel or copper, and whatever material it may be, its value and meaning will always remain priceless. Award pins are indeed a real treasure to behold.

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Friday, July 15th, 2011

School Award Pins For a Student Recognition Program That Works

Keeping students motivated to do their best is one of the biggest challenges that many schools face.  Performing well in school is one of the best predictors of long term success, so helping your students find ways to try harder is also one of the most important ways you will impact their education.  While there are an increasing number of schools that are trying out incentive programs to help encourage good grades, attendance, and participation, many of these methods are not as effective as you might imagine.

For years, schools have rewarded students who have done well in their classrooms with food- pizza parties, candy jars, and cake as a way to celebrate group or individual achievements have long been a mainstay of schools.  However, the increased focus on children’s health has brought the idea of food as a reward under fire from parents and health organizations who point out that linking a sense of achievement to junk food is a prime factor in the obesity epidemic.  Between parental outcry and increased scrutiny from school boards and administrators, many teachers have done away with this method of rewarding students’ positive behavior.

Another method that has drawn controversy is the use of cash rewards to encourage older students to get good grades.  While many parents have used this technique in the past, the simple problem is that these programs are a financial burden on already struggling school districts.  Additionally, students who are rewarded with cash often miss out on the goal of incentive programs- rather than learning to achieve in order to build self esteem and pride in a job well done, students attach success to money, a strategy that can backfire if programs are changed or eliminated.

Programs that are designed to encourage students to succeed simply because they want to do well in school are the gold standard in incentive programs.  This strategy can take many forms, ranging from programs that recognize students in a newsletter or newspaper to those that offer students the opportunity to be recognized at an awards assembly in front of their peers.

Children are often motivated by the idea of being recognized in some tangible way for their efforts.  Having long been a part of high school extra curricular activities, the idea of “lettering” or earning an award pin to demonstrate achievement in a particular area has been one of the most cherished educational achievement programs.  The idea is that students will be motivated to achieve by earning the opportunity to wear their success as a literal “badge of honor.

Award pins are a simple way to let students show off their achievements.  Giving awards pins at a school assembly- preferably one where parents are encouraged to attend- is a simple way to tell your students that you are proud of their efforts.  Students can then wear their award pins as a way to let others know how much they have achieved- a powerful motivator for kids.  Sometimes, the best way to encourage your student’s doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming, it just has to be a small token that shows them you are proud of all they have done. is a manufacturer of custom lapel pins of the highest quality and offers free artwork with your award pins order.

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Friday, May 20th, 2011