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How Can We Help To Raise Breast Cancer Awareness?

pink heart pinBreast cancer affects one in eight women in the US. In 2010 alone, a quarter of a million women were diagnosed with breast cancer. Twenty-five percent of those women will die. But grim statistics don’t tell the whole tale. There are plenty of reasons to be optimistic, and plenty of ways to show your optimism!

That’s why this October its time to support the cause. Breast cancer awareness and research lead to longer lives for your friends and family, and that’s worth supporting!

So how can you help with breast cancer awareness? How can you help save lives?

The most important thing you can do is just to talk about breast cancer. Amazingly, many women still don’t seek screening and thus do not get treatment soon enough. These women indeed have lower survival rates.

What else can you do? Go Pink! Today the pink ribbon and the color pink is universally associated with breast cancer. When you wear breast cancer pins or pink ribbon charms or pink silicone bracelets or whatever you choose, you’re reminding people that there’s hope. You’re reminding people that it’s possible to save lives, and that it’s their responsibility to help save lives. You’re leading the way by taking that responsibility on yourself: suggesting, asking, imploring, and shaming others into following your lead.

You don’t need to put on a pink ribbon every day to create awareness. A great way to create awareness is to put the pink ribbon directly on stuff that you use every day, so you know it will always be there: your grocery totes, coffee mugs, jogging caps and backpacks can all “wear” the pink ribbon all the time.

When you show your awareness and motivate others to do so, you’ve taken the first step. The next step is to support research and treatment programs.

So how can you support the cause? How can you save even more lives?

This October is breast cancer awareness month and it’s a great opportunity to increase both awareness and funding for the cause. Hundreds of events are happening around the world, from the “Avon Walk For Breast Cancer” to “Wear It Pink Day” in the UK, you can participate in events that help save lives.

Walkathons bring in millions of dollars for breast cancer research and for support for victims. But if walking isn’t your thing, there are many activities where you can participate, from golfing to swimming to biking.

Better yet, if you can’t find the right activity for you, you can organize your own! It’s not too late to get an event up and running this year. Put one together. Challenge people to do something fun. Take the lead and save lives! Whatever you decide to do: Go Pink! is a manufacturer of Custom Lapel Pins of the highest quality and offers free artwork with your order.

Monday, September 26th, 2011

5 Awareness Campaign Ideas To Support Breast Cancer

pink heart pinBy now, you are certainly aware that breast cancer is one of the most deadly forms of cancer, and the fight against the disease has become one of the most visible in history.  Many big name companies have launched awareness campaigns designed to bring attention to the disease and the fight for a cure.

Holding a breast cancer awareness campaign at your business is not only an admirable idea, it is also a way for you to personally make a difference in the lives of women who suffer from breast cancer.  Breast cancer campaigns show your company’s commitment to a cause and demonstrate your willingness to take on an important cause.  Awareness crusades are also an excellent form of team building, allowing employees and even family members to unite in support of breast cancer research.

The goal of a breast cancer campaign is to encourage women to be screened, encourage people to donate money to support research efforts, or simply to ensure that the cause remains in the public eye.  The following are a few ways that your company can get involved:

  • Add a recorded message to your phone lines that gives facts about breast cancer, ideas for how to support research, or tips on self checks.
  • Hold an educational event for your employees, customers, or the public at large that talks about how early detection can make the disease more survivable and reduce the long term effects of breast cancer.
  • Silent auctions are a great way to have fun while raising money for breast cancer awareness.  Ask employees to donate items, and then allow them to bid on each other’s items.  You can also ask that they donate time or talents.
  • Golf or other sporting tournaments are another popular idea.  Players pay a participation fee, and the money is then donated to a breast cancer research group.  Participants receive awareness pins and a certificate thanking them for their donation, and winners should receive some type of prize.
  • One of the simplest ways to raise awareness is through breast cancer pins or pink ribbon pins.  You can sell the pins to employees or customers to raise money, and then donate the money.

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Wearing pink ribbon pins has become one of the best ways to turn your awareness campaign into a year round event.  Many people who purchase breast cancer pins attach them permanently to hats, jackets, purses, or any other item of apparel as a way to pay tribute to breast cancer victims and encourage research efforts.  No matter how you choose to do it, breast cancer awareness campaigns are an important reminder to employees, customers, and investors that you care about their health and that you are part of their community.

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Monday, August 8th, 2011

Celebrities Fighting Breast Cancer

For many years, cancer has been one of the most deadly diseases that humanity have to cope with, many people have already died from cancer and others are fighting against it. Unfortunately, nobody is free from having cancer and famous celebrities are not exempted either.

There are many forms of cancer but the most common form of cancer that targets women is definitively breast cancer. This type of cancer strikes around 1.3 million people all over the world annually. Many celebrities have been fighting breast cancer and they play a very important role in supporting the cause.

Melissa Etheridge was diagnosed in 2004 and she is recovering well. Edie Falco has been secretly fighting breast cancer since 2003. On the other hand, a lump was discovered in Gloria Steinem in 1986 while popular actress and singer Olivia Newton John had a breast reconstruction after diagnosis in 1992.

The all time favorite Charlie’s Angels girl Jaclyn Smith was identified with a lump in 2002 and Kate Jackson, also a beautiful Charlie’s Angels star, was diagnosed in 1987.

Suzanne Somers, a famous actress and singer tried holistic medicines and new therapies to cure breast cancer. Linda Ellerbee, a well-known journalist was diagnosed in 1991. The child star Shirley Temple Black was diagnosed 1972 with a lump and was the first celebrity to go public with the diagnosis. Sandra Day O’Connor, the famous jurist and the first female member of the Supreme Court also fought breast cancer. The better part of the story is that they all survived.

Celebrities have not only fought breast cancer for themselves but for others as well. The handsome film star Joseph Fiennes lost his mother Jini. She left Joseph at the age of 54. Ever since then Joseph Fiennes has been supporting the cause for curing breast cancer. Lisa Snowdon, Elle Macpherson, Myleene Klass, Betty Ford, Ann Jillian, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, Olivia Newton John and Nancy Reagan are among famous people who have motivated people across the globe regarding breast cancer. They have contributed in all ways possible to raise awareness.

Apart of the undeniable role of medicine, courage and will power has a lot to do when an individual is battling with a disease. Like Red Ribbons for AIDS, pink ribbons have become a symbol of the fight against breast cancer and they are an inspiration and a light of hope for people suffering of this disease. There is a wide variety of breast cancer pins styles and they can come in different shapes and sizes. By wearing pink ribbon pins, people are showing their support to the cause and creating awareness about this disease. Moreover, since ribbon pins can be customized, if someone has a loved one who is battling breast cancer or wants to remember a special friend who lost the battle, special messages can be added to the pins.

Many people have joined the breast cancer movement and they are already participating in breast cancer awareness programs, such as, educational events, fundraising, walks, etc. Celebrities are not the exception and thanks to their popularity and because they’re opinion leaders and they can reach a lot of people, their participation and commitment are indispensables in this fight. is a manufacturer of Custom Lapel Pins of the highest quality and offers free artwork with your Awareness Pins order.

Monday, July 4th, 2011

Breast Cancer Pins To Raise Awareness

pink ribbon pinBreast cancer pins and other awareness products have become very popular in recent years.  This is due in part to a growing trend of items “for a cause,” with proceeds often donated to research foundations or charitable organizations.

Pink ribbon pins, t-shirts, pink handbags and other breast cancer awareness goods are also popular due to the overwhelming number of lives this life-threatening illness touches.  The National Cancer Institute estimates that 1 in 8 women will suffer from breast cancer at some point in their lives, leaving families, friends and communities to come together in support of the women they love.

Not only do breast cancer pins show support for the struggles of women suffering from this illness, they also support research and other programs dedicated to breast cancer.  This includes the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (or BCRF), a charity devoted to prevention and cure of the disease.  The BCRF promotes the famous pink ribbon pin, and other goods that display the pink ribbon logo associated with breast cancer awareness.  Jewelry, clothing, personal care items and a large quantity of other supportive products are also offered by companies that have relationships with BCRF, which pledge donations to the foundation in exchange for purchase.

pink heart pinBreast cancer awareness pins are also sold and distributed by Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the United States’ largest organization devoted to breast cancer. This organization is also responsible for the “Race for the Cure” fundraising events. For this reason, they also sell several types of athletic clothing and sporting goods emblazoned with the pink ribbon.  While the pink ribbon pin is perhaps the best-known type of breast cancer pin, there are also several other varieties sold.  For example, the Komen Foundation also sells its own custom lapel pins for breast cancer awareness, including enamel pins featuring the charity’s name.

Since breast cancer pins and other “pink ribbon” items are generally sold by charitable organizations, much of their purchase price is donated directly to supporting breast cancer programs.  For example, the BCRF uses 90% of all monies collected by the charity to fund breast cancer research and awareness programs, with only 10% going to production of goods, printed materials, salaries and other administrative costs.  High percentages are also typically donated by companies who have partnerships with breast cancer charities, such as Baccarat, Swarovski and Sephora.  Put simply, breast cancer pins and similar items allow more people to make meaningful contributions to breast cancer research and awareness, even if they don’t feel like they’re financially able to donate directly.

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Tuesday, April 19th, 2011