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Corporate Logo Lapel Pins: NIA




  • Product: Lapel Pins
  • Style: Die-Struck
  • Plating: Bronze
  • Colors: Hard Enamel

The NIA lapel pin is a good example of an elegant corporate pin made to be worn on a corporate environment: it is small, incorporates the bold and beautiful corporate logo and its bronze plating gives it that jewelry-like look achieved by hard enamel pins.

This lapel pins could easily be turned into and award pin by using sandblast for its background and maybe adding a rocker pin (secondary pin attached to the back of the main pin, which lands on the bottom of the latter one) for the years of service.

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Ideas for Frequent Travelers: Custom Lapel Pins

If you’re a frequent traveler you may want to read this article about some little items that you’ll probably find useful when traveling: Top ten small items to travel with

This article points out that in business trips or in vacations we usually meet great people. Maybe in the plane or at the train station or someone that invites you to have dinner or to his house. So, it will very nice if you thank them with a little something showing your appreciation, like chocolates for example.

“When traveling, you’ll meet some amazing people, some of whom will go out of their way to look after you. Maybe they invite you for dinner, or let you spend the weekend at their house – either way, a gift is a nice way to show your appreciation. Buy a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates, then personalize it with a small item from home – magnets, key rings and lapel pins are all small tokens that will fit nicely in a side pocket of your bag.” – Travel Insights 100 -

If you want to give a customize gift Enamel Pins can be a good option. Let say you do travel abroad a lot, why don’t give American Flag Pins to your new friends. They’ll remember you and for sure they won’t forget where you came from!

Or if you do business trips, what about having Company Pins that you can give away along with your business cards? For sure, you’ll make a good long lasting impression to your foreign colleagues or customers.

Like the idea? Contact us for professional advice for your Custom Made Lapel Pins project.

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Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Company Pins To Increase Brand Awareness

In order to get more customers and more sales, you need people to know your brand and remember it when the purchase moment arrives.

Company Logo Pins
can help to achieve this!

“The main idea of using lapel pins with your company logo is to gain exposure. The more people wearing your pin the more exposure you get and with an attractive design you will catch people’s attention and make it unforgettable. People wearing your pins become your “ambassadors” spreading the word about your company.” – Ezine Articles –

To read more check out this article with some ideas in how to use Custom Lapel Pins to promote your brand: How To Increase Brand Awareness Using Company Pins?

Lapel Pins are a great advertising tool, they’re affordable and with a catchy design you’ll make them memorable.

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Monday, January 3rd, 2011