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Die Struck Antique Lapel Pins for Gothic XX


  • Product: Custom Lapel Pins
  • Style: Die-Struck
  • Plating: Nickel Silver
  • Finish: Antiquing

Even if we design and manufacture lapel pins on a daily basis, sometimes we don’t foresee how nice a design will look once the finished product is ready to ship.

When we saw how these die-struck antique pins turned out, the only thing that came to mind was wow, how beautiful they look!

It is great when the right combination of factors, such as size, design, plating and finish is chosen.

These pins resemble the look of pewter pins, which are manufactured using a different process, and sometimes a more expensive one.

We bet the customer is happy with them, and will update once we hear from them :)

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Years of Service Lapel Pins : Unity Hospital’s Award Pins

Just as the end of the year approaches, organizations big and small like to show appreciation for their employees in various ways.  Years of service pins are very popular one, as it usually involves public demonstration and pinning ceremony, which is always very appealing to those receiving them.
This time it was Unity’s Hospital‘s turn and the result was just great.
When using lapel pins in award and recognition programs, it is very common to create different versions of the lapel pin that will represent the different levels of accomplishment being recognized.

The most common on is to use different platings, and in this case the customer also wanted to include different designs as well, so every year of service pin is different in both design and plating.

Unity’s Hospital used:

  • Antique silver (pewter) for the 10 years of service pin
  • Antique bronze for the 20 years of service pins
  • Silver sandblast for the 30 years of service pins and
  • Gold sandblast for the 40 years of service pins.


Unity Hospital’s human resources team put a lot of thought and care on the design and execution of these pins, which shows how much they care about their recognition program, we are sure that was also noticed by employees being recognized.

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011