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7 Caregiver Lapel Pins Ideas

Caregivers (Nursing Assistants) are much more than just people doing tasks we can’t or aren’t capable of: They actually care for those we love and care about.

You can see them in our houses, hospitals and other facilities, moving around those who need care and attention. And we don’t want them to feel under-appreciated, right? Because a resentful caregiver will do his/her job ….. probably in a “not so giving” way.

So we must take care of them, show them our appreciation for them and the jobs they perform every day.

An inexpensive but thoughtful way to show our appreciation is by giving them one of those little  lapel pins that say…..

(7 Caregiver Lapel Pins)

  1. #1 Care Giver Pin
  2. Caregiver Volunteer Pin
  3. Ribbon of Hope Angel Lapel Pin (Plum is the chosen color to honor our caregivers)
  4. Angel Lapel Pins (because they are the angels that take care of those we love)
  5. “Agent Orange” Caregiver lapel pins
  6. Nursing Assistants Pins
  7. Heart /Angels Pins

Do you have any other ideas for caregiver pins?

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Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Lapel Pins in Action: Lilies for Lillie Campaign

I would like to share this story to illustrate how lapel pins can be a valuable addition to any fundraising effort.

The Lilies for Lillie campaign was created by Gord Delaney in memory of his mother Lillie in 2003.

“Lilies for Lillie has raised $250,000 and sold over 55,000 lapel pins over the past seven years and that is truly amazing” says founder Gord Delaney. “The support from the business community and communities around the province is always inspiring. Often times I walk by somebody wearing a LFL lapel pin and I cannot help but smile and think it’s pretty neat that somebody who never met my mother is helping me remember her and celebrate her life.” – The Telegram -

For this year fundraising, Lilies for Lillie has set the goal to raise $ 50,000 that will be equally split and donated to Daffodil Place, Heart and Stroke Foundation and the K-Rock Children’s Trust Fund.

Visit for more information.

Every time I read about this kind of stories, I’m amazed for the capacity of some people to turn around, what is maybe a sad moment or a bad experience, to a magnificent effort to help others and moreover to get the entire community involve in the process.

Custom lapel pins can help your fundraising drive Sometimes, it’s easier to ask for donations if we can give something in exchange, like a pin for example. By including awareness pins in your campaign you’re not only making things easier for the volunteers to ask for contributions, but also, spreading the word about your cause. Anyone wearing your lapel pins will become your ambassadors!

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Friday, March 18th, 2011

Canadian Cancer Society – Daffodil Lapel Pins To Raise Awareness

April is Daffodil Month!

For this year annual spring fundraising campaign, the Canadian Cancer Society is replacing daffodil live flowers with yellow daffodil lapel pins.

The decision was made with the idea that lapel pins can be worn on clothing all day and create more awareness. While a bouquet of live flowers is beautiful, a person can’t walk around with it all day. On the contrary, lapel pins can be worn by anyone on t-shirts, jackets, suits, etc.

“Funds raised through the sale of daffodils enable the cancer society to fund excellence in research on all types of cancer and advocate for healthy public policy, promote healthy lifestyles to help prevent and
reduce cancer risk, provide information about cancer and support people living with cancer.” – Chatam Daily News -

“The daffodil pin is to be worn as a symbol of courage and support in honour of cancer survivors, loved ones and friends currently on a cancer journey. When you wear a daffodil pin throughout the month of April, you are uniting behind everyone living with cancer in Oxford.” – Ingersolltimes -

For more information go to Canadian Cancer Society.

Custom lapel pins can be a very good ally for any cause. They can be sold to raise money and since they’re easy to wear everybody will be displaying them showing their support and spreading the word. If you’re planning to drive a fundraising campaign, you may want to consider lapel pins as part of your crusade.

For stock lapel pins, please visit our online store where we carry awareness pins in a variety of colors and you can have them delivery immediately.

And if you’re looking for something more personalized we can also help in your project. With custom made pins you can choose your own unique design and a special message can be included.. Please visit Lapel Pins or call (888) 720-2115.


Friday, March 18th, 2011

Oscars 2011 – Mark Ruffalo’s Lapel Pin

Making a statement via lapel pin is still very much in vogue.

Mark Ruffalo and a few others donned waterdrop-shaped blue lapel pins
to represent efforts to fight for clean water in the face of modern-day
energy extraction techniques, which can contaminate nearby water
supplies. (The controversy over what’s known as “fracking” for natural
gas was the subject of the nommed feature docu “Gasland.”)

Ruffalo recently co-founded with other activists,
and said he was motivated “because I live smack dab in the middle of
gasland in upstate New York.” He found himself “mortified by the
conditions people are living in with contaminated wells, and they can’t
drink water out of their faucets.” ” – Variety -

To see the pin, visit OMG Yahoo.

Custom pins are a fantastic way to spread the word and raise awareness. They can be personalized with any message that you would like and since they have a lot of exposure everybody will see your message or will know about your crusade.

Most likely, awareness ribbon pins are the most popular ones but actually any cause can be promoted through custom lapel pins.

We congratulate Mark Ruffalo’s initiative. Besides his support to the cause, he demonstrated his commitment by wearing the pin in such important event as the Oscars.

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011