Experienced managers and business owners understand the importance of recognizing well deserving employees. An employee that feels appreciated and who is acknowledged by his or her employer is more likely to continue working at a high level. Award pins and employee recognition pins are great for this purpose. They provide a tangible representation of an employer’s appreciation for an employee.

Lapel pins can come in a variety of styles and designs and they can be customized to your specifications. Below, we will review some of the most popular.

  • Cloisonné Pins:  These pins tend to have an artistic look and feel. They are similar to jewelry in appearance. Cloisonné Pins are strong and showcase detail very well. They can be crafted into custom shapes and colored with more than 100 hues.
  • Classic Hard Enamel Pins: This is a very high quality pin. It’s a classic made from durable enable. Classic hard enamel pins are great for companies that want their pins to showcase their logo or a special marketing message.
  • Die-Struck Embossed Soft Enamel Pins: These gorgeous-looking pins include a company’s image die struck onto copper or bronze and are made with soft enamel.
  • Photo Etched Pins: Companies that would like their pins to include a photograph will find that photo etched pins are the ideal choice. They are incredibly attractive and while expensive looking, aren’t necessarily so. Photo etched pins are thin, lightweight and can be plated with a number of different materials.

In addition to the aforementioned pins, promotional iron, screen printed, antique and sandblast pins are also popular choices for companies that are looking for something different and why not more sophisticated.

Award pins and employee recognition pins are little in size but big on impact. Employees are often proud to be the recipient of these types of pins because just about everyone loves to be recognized for their hard work and effort.

Companies that give them away also benefit. Employees who feel appreciated and acknowledged tend to work harder and are happier at work. Businesses will find that a little investment can go a long way.  The cost of these custom lapel pins can pay off in a big way, mostly in employee morale. A happy employee tends to be a more productive one.

If your organization is looking to purchase high quality lapel pins as part of its employee recognition program, you need to look for a reliable provider that can give you professional advice and help you in choosing the more appropriate lapel pin that will fit your specific project.