• Product: Lapel Pins
  • Style: Offset Printed
  • Size: 1.25in
  • Backing: Military Clutch


We really like these printed lapel pins, because they show many of the reasons why someone would use a printed lapel pin instead of a die-struck one:

1. Gradients: both the outer rim and the center have gradients, which is a no go for a die struck pin

2.White text on blue background: Die-struck pins are color-filled, in the same way a child’s coloring book works – colors are separated from each other by using black (for pins it would be metal) outlines.

3. Very small detail: the amount of details that can be accomplished by die-struck pins are limited by the malleability of the metal used, which is usually a minimum of 0.5 pt., and for a printed pin, it is almost infinite.

The shine you see in this lapel pin is due to the epoxy coating, a thin layer of epoxy is used to protect the colors from fading.

The appropriate pin for your project is most time depending on how much we can maneuver your design, as most designs start with a printing conception which is then transformed in a die-struck appropriate one.

When in doubt, just ask!