For many years, cancer has been one of the most deadly diseases that humanity have to cope with, many people have already died from cancer and others are fighting against it. Unfortunately, nobody is free from having cancer and famous celebrities are not exempted either.

There are many forms of cancer but the most common form of cancer that targets women is definitively breast cancer. This type of cancer strikes around 1.3 million people all over the world annually. Many celebrities have been fighting breast cancer and they play a very important role in supporting the cause.

Melissa Etheridge was diagnosed in 2004 and she is recovering well. Edie Falco has been secretly fighting breast cancer since 2003. On the other hand, a lump was discovered in Gloria Steinem in 1986 while popular actress and singer Olivia Newton John had a breast reconstruction after diagnosis in 1992.

The all time favorite Charlie’s Angels girl Jaclyn Smith was identified with a lump in 2002 and Kate Jackson, also a beautiful Charlie’s Angels star, was diagnosed in 1987.

Suzanne Somers, a famous actress and singer tried holistic medicines and new therapies to cure breast cancer. Linda Ellerbee, a well-known journalist was diagnosed in 1991. The child star Shirley Temple Black was diagnosed 1972 with a lump and was the first celebrity to go public with the diagnosis. Sandra Day O’Connor, the famous jurist and the first female member of the Supreme Court also fought breast cancer. The better part of the story is that they all survived.

Celebrities have not only fought breast cancer for themselves but for others as well. The handsome film star Joseph Fiennes lost his mother Jini. She left Joseph at the age of 54. Ever since then Joseph Fiennes has been supporting the cause for curing breast cancer. Lisa Snowdon, Elle Macpherson, Myleene Klass, Betty Ford, Ann Jillian, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, Olivia Newton John and Nancy Reagan are among famous people who have motivated people across the globe regarding breast cancer. They have contributed in all ways possible to raise awareness.

Apart of the undeniable role of medicine, courage and will power has a lot to do when an individual is battling with a disease. Like Red Ribbons for AIDS, pink ribbons have become a symbol of the fight against breast cancer and they are an inspiration and a light of hope for people suffering of this disease. There is a wide variety of breast cancer pins styles and they can come in different shapes and sizes. By wearing pink ribbon pins, people are showing their support to the cause and creating awareness about this disease. Moreover, since ribbon pins can be customized, if someone has a loved one who is battling breast cancer or wants to remember a special friend who lost the battle, special messages can be added to the pins.

Many people have joined the breast cancer movement and they are already participating in breast cancer awareness programs, such as, educational events, fundraising, walks, etc. Celebrities are not the exception and thanks to their popularity and because they’re opinion leaders and they can reach a lot of people, their participation and commitment are indispensables in this fight. is a manufacturer of Custom Lapel Pins of the highest quality and offers free artwork with your Awareness Pins order.