pink heart pinBy now, you are certainly aware that breast cancer is one of the most deadly forms of cancer, and the fight against the disease has become one of the most visible in history.  Many big name companies have launched awareness campaigns designed to bring attention to the disease and the fight for a cure.

Holding a breast cancer awareness campaign at your business is not only an admirable idea, it is also a way for you to personally make a difference in the lives of women who suffer from breast cancer.  Breast cancer campaigns show your company’s commitment to a cause and demonstrate your willingness to take on an important cause.  Awareness crusades are also an excellent form of team building, allowing employees and even family members to unite in support of breast cancer research.

The goal of a breast cancer campaign is to encourage women to be screened, encourage people to donate money to support research efforts, or simply to ensure that the cause remains in the public eye.  The following are a few ways that your company can get involved:

  • Add a recorded message to your phone lines that gives facts about breast cancer, ideas for how to support research, or tips on self checks.
  • Hold an educational event for your employees, customers, or the public at large that talks about how early detection can make the disease more survivable and reduce the long term effects of breast cancer.
  • Silent auctions are a great way to have fun while raising money for breast cancer awareness.  Ask employees to donate items, and then allow them to bid on each other’s items.  You can also ask that they donate time or talents.
  • Golf or other sporting tournaments are another popular idea.  Players pay a participation fee, and the money is then donated to a breast cancer research group.  Participants receive awareness pins and a certificate thanking them for their donation, and winners should receive some type of prize.
  • One of the simplest ways to raise awareness is through breast cancer pins or pink ribbon pins.  You can sell the pins to employees or customers to raise money, and then donate the money.


Wearing pink ribbon pins has become one of the best ways to turn your awareness campaign into a year round event.  Many people who purchase breast cancer pins attach them permanently to hats, jackets, purses, or any other item of apparel as a way to pay tribute to breast cancer victims and encourage research efforts.  No matter how you choose to do it, breast cancer awareness campaigns are an important reminder to employees, customers, and investors that you care about their health and that you are part of their community.

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